Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We go the extra mile to ensure your complete confidence in our products. Our proactive approach extends beyond standard quality control to provide you with reliable assurance that your specific requirements will consistently be met with unwavering excellence. Our rigorous processes translate into superior outcomes for your business, ensuring your satisfaction remains our constant goal.

We Take Pride In Our Work

Coptec places great emphasis on delivery of high quality products to its customers. All products manufactured pass stringent quality testing procedures, a standard inspection and testing plan is followed on all jobs.

Quality Control

QC inspection starts with checking of raw materials for compliance with specifications. The product is inspected at all stages of manufacturing for defect free surface quality and dimensional tolerances.

Quality Planning

We are committed to process adherence through process improvement plans. This includes allocating human resources and other facilities for products quality improvement plans which results in implementing good practices and maintaining high standards at every stage.

Control of Non Conformities

This procedure involves recognizing breaches from accepted norms, performing in-depth assessments, and then coming up with ways to address any non-compliance. remedial and preventive action plans are used to put corrective measures into motion. These programs' effectiveness is thoroughly monitored, and consumer grievances are carefully recorded, followed by comprehensive assessments. Corrective actions are carried out with the intention of achieving continual improvements.


Machine Name Make Model
Hardness Testing Machine Bluestar UTM -20
Tensile Testing Machine Bluestar VM -50
Leco Oxygen Determinator Leco LECO -400
Profile Projector Isomet DS-DRO 2M
Conductivity Meter Techno Four 979
Spectro Meter Ametek SPECTROMAXx LMX09
Coordinate Measuring Machine Mitutoyo CRYSTA-APEXV574
Vision Measuring Machine Rapid V4020J LX
Micro OHM Meter Prestige Electronic PE 16 R
Ultrasonic Testing Modsonic Einstein II DGS


Sr. No. Process Characteristics to be checked Measuring Instruments
1. Raw Material Inspection Purity Spectrometer
Surface quality Visual
2. Melting & Casting Charge Quantity Weighing Scale
Temperature Temp. Stick
Chemical Composition Spectrometer
Oxygen percentage Leco Oxygen Analyser
Conductivity Conductivity Meter
3. Continuous Extrusion Thickness Micrometer
Width Measuring Tape
Surface Visual
Chemical Composition Spectrometer
Conductivity Conductivity Meter
4. Cold Rolling Drawing Surface Visual
Thickness Micrometer Vollmer
Width Measuring Tape
5. Annealing Temperature Thermocouple
Soaking Cycle PID Contro
Surface Visual
Physical Mechanical Test UTM, Hardness Tester Etc
Width Measuring Tape
Thickness Micrometer
6. Straightening/ Coiling Flatness I value
7. Cut to length/final inspection Surface Visual
Physical Mechanical Test UTM, Hardness Tester Etc.
Weight Weighing Scale
Surface Visual
Dimensions Micrometer / Vernier / Measuring Tape
Physical Mechanical Test UTM, Hardness Tester
8. Packing Markin Packing As Per Customer Requirement