What we provide


Our advanced technology enables the availability of copper profiles in various shapes as per customers’ drawings. In electrical applications, there are many critical parts of copper profiles that need to be controlled. The extrusion process gives the benefit of wide range of sizes. Close tolerances are achieved by accurate drawing and finishing processes.


We manufacture a diverse range of seamless tubes, available in different configurations including round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, and more. These tubes can be provided in both straight lengths and coil form for your convenience. We also manufacture fin tubes, these in comparison to plain tubes increase the surface area of the tube and improve heat transfer efficiency.

  • Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper (OFE)
  • Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP)
  • Phosphorous De Oxidized (DHP)
  • De Oxidized Low Phosphorous (DLP)
  • Arsenic Copper


Copper Rods are finished by Cold Drawing after Hot Extrusion or after Casting. They are available in a comprehensive range of sizes with superb dimensional Accuracy.

  • Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper (OFE)
  • Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP), CW009A, CW004A, CW008A
  • Cadmium Copper
  • Silver Bearing Copper
  • Rods for Vacuum Interrupters, Oxygen below 5 ppm
  • Outer diameter/across flat 5 mm to 150 mm
  • Available in straight lengths / coils

Cast Oxygen Free Wire Rod

  • Diameter Range: 8.0 mm 12.5 mm 16 mm 20.0 mm 25 mm 30 mm
  • Dimensional Tolerance: ± 0.38 mm (± 0.015”)
  • Oxygen Content: Below 5 ppm, 10 ppm, 20 ppm
  • Conductivity: Min. 58.58 m/ohm mm², > 100 IACS %
  • % Elongation: Min. 35%
  • Weight Max.: 3,500 kg -4500 kg
  • Standards: ASTM B170, ASTM B49, EN 1977
Strip Edge Profile
  • Square Corners
  • Round Corners
  • Full Round Corners


Copper strips and bars are manufactured according to strict specifications using advanced automated machinery, guaranteeing consistent accuracy in all supplied materials.

Size Range
  • Width: 20 mm - 300 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm - 30 mm
  • Can be supplied in coils up to 1 ton weight / straight lengths.
Technical Specifications
  • Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper.
  • Conductivity : 99.99% IACS.
  • Oxygen content contained within 10 ppm.
  • We can provide levels below 5 ppm for highly critical applications as well.
  • Supplied in hard/ half hard/ quarter hard/ annealed conditions.


Our Copper Foils are known for their high quality, perfect shape, smooth surface, and excellent mechanical properties. We carefully monitor various factors to ensure that these foils meet the highest standards, making them ideal for many uses.

  • Consistent thickness
  • Smooth and oil-free surface
  • High dimensional stability
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Automobiles
  • Electrical and Switchgear
  • Connectors
  • HT Power Cables
  • Defence
Alloy Copper OFC
  • Thickness Range (Min - Max) mm: 0.81 - 3.00
  • Width Range(Min - Max) mm: 10 - 300
  • Coil ID (Min - Max) mm: 300 - 500
  • Length (Max) mm: 4000


Tin-plated copper busbar helps upgrade design and provide the best quality for switchgears, switchboards, electrical panels, power transformers and busducts.

The key advantages for the same are:

Better Joint Efficiency

Tin coating applied to the contact surfaces to prevent or delay the attack of oxidation when operating at elevated temperatures or in a hostile environment is important, particularly in the long term usage.

Consistent Tin Coating

New India conducts a test for measuring thickness of tin coating by a computerized system which is recorded in our Test Certificate. Hence, our customers can be assured of the consistency of the tin.


Tin-plated copper busbars are manufactured as per International Standards such as JIS, DIN, BS and ASTM.

Process In-house tin-plating controlled by computerized system
The Purity of Coating Material Tin anode, 99.5% up
Coating Thickness 3, 5 or 10 microns and as per customer’s requirement upto 50 microns
Mill Test Certificate Adhesion Test, Tin Thickness Test