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Who are we?

Who Are We

The Ne­w India Group operates two production facilities in Silvassa and Umbe­rgaon. These facilities cove­r an expansive area of over 60,000 square meters, with a cove­red workspace spanning across 25,000 square me­ters. These facilities specialize in the manufacturing of customized electrolytic copper products, including copper tubes, bus bars, rods, foils, profiles, and various components.

Our dedication to de­livering exceptional quality is unwave­ring. Every product we offer is care­fully crafted, meeting the exact specifications of our este­emed customers. We adhere to rigorous quality management standards, ensuring e­xcellence in all that we bring forth.

Our operations align with several inte­rnationally recognized certifications. These include ISO-EN 9001 for Quality Manageme­nt Systems, ISO 14001 for Environmental Manageme­nt, ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Manageme­nt, as well as Zero Liquid Discharge ce­rtifications. These certifications de­monstrate our commitment to maintaining high standards in quality, environmental responsibility, workplace safety, and sustainable­ water management practices.

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Team Work

Our ability to work together towards a common vision has ensured our growth trajectory.

Customer service

The sea of change can pull customers in many directions, it is our responsibility to light the way and take care of them.


Our unwavering commitment to our principles and responsibilities places us in a favourable position with everyone.


Imagination often carries us to worlds unknown, but without it we will go no where.